Connecting Destinations & Documents to Forms


Note: V2 Forms are available to all customers. If you do not have access to the V2 Form Builder and Forms, please read: Enabling V2 Forms


Data destinations control where data is sent when a form is submitted.  Data is automatically routed to the chosen service in the format of your choice, making data sharing and storage an automated process.

Data destinations can: 

  • Email user-friendly PDF or Word documents to customers
  • Route form submissions to cloud and enterprise services
  • Send custom notifications through SMS or social media
  • Deliver collected information in structured data formats, like XML and JSON.


One data destination can be linked to any number of forms in the same Formspace.  Multiple data destinations can also be linked to the same form, allowing your data to be delivered to a variety of locations simultaneously.  Don't want your forms sent anywhere?  You can still download them from the portal.

Useful links on data destinations and Documents:

  • Data Destination Overview: Includes a list of all existing data destination types and links to their specific documentation.
  • Creating and Managing Data Destinations: Explains how to set up a data destination in the web portal.
  • Documents Overview: Need to send a PDF to one data destination, but an XML file of the data to another system? The different formats are called documents, and this article explains in more detail.

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Add a Destination

Data destinations are configured in the web portal. For more information on data destinations and configuring them, please read our documentation: Creating and Managing Data Destinations.

To add a data destination to your form:

  1. Select the Destinations tab from the top navigation pane.
  2. Select the Add a Data Destination button from the side navigation bar. 
  3. Select the appropriate destination from the dropdown.
  4. Configure the options based on the information below.


General Information

This section details what kind of destination you've selected, including destination type (useful, if you've named the destination something other than the type it is).

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Select what documents you wish to attach to the form. Documents are how you format the form submissions' information. For more information on documents, please read: Version 2 PDF/Word/HTML Documents

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Conditions can optionally be applied to all ProntoForms data destination types for more powerful and flexible handling of submitted forms and associated data. Conditions allow data destinations to execute only if the conditions are met.  Submitted data can be routed to different destinations based on the conditions applied.  Alternatively, each Data Destination can route the data in a different format to the same destination depending on the data submitted.

For more information on conditional filtering of Data Destinations, please read: Applying Filtering to Data Destinations.

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Remove Destination

Future submissions from this form will no longer be sent to the destination. The destination may still receive submissions from older versions or other forms that are connected to it.

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