V2 Forms: Pushing Data to Other Questions


Note: This feature is coming soon and is not yet generally available.



Data sources can be used to populate a series of fields in a form based on the answer to previous question. This can:

  • provide key information to your field users,
  • save mobile users time on data entry and errors in the field by auto-filling important information,
  • provide a better user experience overall.

This article will discuss ways to auto-fill questions based on a single answer, using dropdown or radio button questions, and data sources. For example, a building inspection form could push address information from a dropdown into the main form, and then push information on the floors into a repeatable section, simply by selecting one option from a dropdown question.

You can only push data from Dropdown and Radiobutton question types, and these questions must come before the questions you are pushing data to.

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Set up a simple data push

Data can only be pushed from Dropdown and Radiobutton question types.

In our example, a user in the field is be filling out a building inspection form. They select a single building from a dropdown or radiobutton question using a data source, and the address information for that building gets automatically filled in.

To set up a data push:

  1. Create the questions you want to push data to.
    • You can push data to: Text field, text area, dropdown, radiobutton, multiselect, date, time, date/time selector, duration field. 
    • When setting up these questions, ensure that the data type being pushed matches the question data type. Do not push text into a date field, and so on.
  2. Create your radiobutton or dropdown question and give it the desired name, label, and restrictions.
    Note: The radiobutton/dropdown question must come before the questions you are pushing data to.
  3. In the Options tab, select Use Data Source for Options. Select the appropriate data source options.
  4. Under Push Data to Other Questions, select Populate questions on the main form (or, if pushing data within the same repeatable section, Populate current repeatable section). Then select which questions you wish to send data to and select the appropriate data source column.


This is the most simple version of a data push. Following are details on more complicated data pushes, such as through different levels of a form, or into repeatable sections.

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Set Up a Question to Push Data to a Repeatable Section

This example builds upon the skills in the previous section. The example used is a building inspection form: when a user selects a building name from the dropdown, it pushes address and city information to questions on the same page. At the same time, it also pushes information on the number of floors to be inspected to individual repeatable section entries. You can only push data one level in, e.g., from the main form to a repeatable section. You cannot push data from the main form to a nested repeatable section.

These instructions focus upon how to set up the information pushes to the repeatable section.

  1. Set up a Dropdown or Radiobutton question as described above. In our example, this is the Building Name question that populates the rest of the desired questions.
  2. Under Options, select Populate questions in a repeatable section.
  3. Select which repeatable section to populate. Only repeatable sections that come after the question are shown in the dropdown. In our example, we have a Floors to Inspect repeatable section that follows the Building Name question. We select this one.

  4. Select which questions you wish to populate. Each of these questions will set a line item in the repeatable section.

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Sample Data Source


This is a simplified version of the data source used in the above examples. The Building column is used in the dropdown, and the Address and City columns are used in the simple push. 

Please note that any data source used when auto-filling answers must have at least two columns of data (e.g., Building Name and Building Address). 


Date/Time Format

When using a data source with date/time formatted data, please ensure that it follows the appropriate ISO format:


Should this be incorrectly formatted, the push will fail on iOS. Android has more permissive handling in that it allows the seconds to be omitted. 


Sample Form and Screenshots

These are screenshots of the Building Inspection form from the examples above on an Android device.

2017-11-20-SamplePush01.png 2017-11-20-SamplePush02.png 2017-11-20-SamplePush03.png
This is the blank form, before any Building Name has been selected. Here, you can see the empty Address and City entries from the simple push, and the empty Repeatable Section. Here, the mobile user selects a building from the dropdown. The completed push: the address and city questions have been filled out, and the Repeatable Section has three line-entries added by our push.


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