TELUS Managed Object Storage Integration


This feature is available on the following tier: Enterprise



ProntoForms connects seamlessly with TELUS Managed Storage using their Amazon S3-compatible connections to allow use as both a data source and data destination. Send all your form data to a secure, private cloud managed by TELUS.

teluslogo-150px.png TELUS Managed Storage helps you match the pace of business today with a comprehensive storage-centric solution delivered in a utility format. You can leverage TELUS' utility storage infrastructure for seamless by-the-GB scalability to pay strictly for the space you need, or use a fully managed dedicated storage system as a private cloud. The TELUS website has more information.



The TELUS Managed Object Storage is built with a NetApp product, which is S3 compatible but uses TELUS' own cloud storage systems. For specific information on their infrastructure and supported features, please read their manual: Simple Storage Service Implementation Guide


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The TELUS Managed Object Storage configuration uses the Amazon Web Services Connection with a custom S3 endpoint, usually<port number>.

  1. Set up an Amazon Web Services connection following the instructions here: Amazon Web Services Connection.
  2. Select Custom S3 Endpoint. Enter your custom endpoint.

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Data Source

The TELUS Managed Object Storage Data Source is an S3-compatible data source that retrieves data from a file in TELUS' cloud storage solution. This data can then be used to populate a list of options in dropdown or radiobutton questions. 

Data sources are usually set up to fetch data on a specified schedule.  This allows teams to maintain and update their data through the external service of their choice, minimizing the need to access the web portal.

Set up the data source as shown here: Amazon S3 Data Source, using the previously-configured Amazon Web Services connection with the custom S3 endpoint.

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Data Destination

The TELUS Managed Object data destination sends submitted forms to a TELUS Cloud Storage solution that is S3-compatible.  Create custom file and folder names based on data in the form to logically organize and manage files.

Data destinations automatically back up data collected in the field.  They reduce the need to visit the web portal by making submitted forms available through the services you already use.  Different documents can also be sent to different services with a single form submission.  Read here for more information on data destinations.

Set up the data destination as shown here: Amazon S3 Data Destination, using the previously-configured Amazon Web Services connection with a custom S3 Endpoint.

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