V2 Question Type: File Upload



The file upload question type allows mobile users to attach files previously contained on their devices to forms. Use this control to upload reference documents such as contract PDFs, proprietary file types, or any other files that give additional context to the job at hand.

These files will be sent alongside your form submission to any data destination set up for the form.


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File Upload Question Type

The File Upload Question type has two tabs: General, and Properties.


Available Restrictions: See Question and Data Types: Restrictions.


Question Properties:

Maximum Attachments:  Select how many image files are allowed to be attached to your form. 

  • Note: It is advisable to not allow excessive attachments, as this will cause larger data record sizes. When choosing the maximum number of attachments, keep in mind that the default Data Record size limit is 2MB. This can be changed in the Settings tab of the form.

Output Properties:

Custom Filename Prefix: Use DREL or a standard alphanumeric phrase to create a prefix that will show up before all images. For more information, please read: Attachment File Naming: Create a Custom Filename Prefix. 

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