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Calculations are used to add items like invoice totals, inspection scores and other calculated values in mobile forms.  Use calculations to total work hours, find average inspection scores, and calculate costs within forms.

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Calculation Questions

The Calculation question type has three available tabs: General, Properties, and Help Options


  • Allowed Restrictions: 
    • Always Read-Only
    • Never Required
    • Optionally Hidden on Device or Hidden in Documents
  • Allowed Data Types:
    • Integer, Decimal, Currency
    • Create a Duration Calculation question type to calculate a Duration


Calculation Builder

Read below for details on the Calculation Builder.

Question Properties

  • Allowable Range: Set a minimum and/or maximum value for the question.
    • If the calculated answer is outside of the range, the mobile user will not be able to submit the form. 
    • If one value is left blank, there will be no limit on that end of the range
  • Currency: If using the Currency data type, select your Currency from the dropdown menu.
  • Decimal Place Precision: If using the Decimal data type, set a minimum or maximum number of decimal places that are allowed to be saved in the answer. 
    • If the calculated answer has more decimal places than allowed, it will be rounded to an allowed number using banker's rounding. 
    • If it has less decimal places than allowed, .0's will be added
    • If one value is left blank, there will be no limit on that end of the range

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Calculation Builder

 The calculation builder offers an easy, intuitive way to build your calculation questions.

It allows you to:

  • select appropriate, numeric data type questions from a dropdown.
  • filter questions based on text typed in the calculation field.

  • add constants to calculations by typing them in (press "Enter" to select them).

  • view any errors as you work on the calculation, making it easy to correct.

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