Converting a Form from V1 to V2



If you do not have access to the V2 Form Builder and Forms, please read: Enabling V2 Forms




This conversion tool easily converts V1 forms to V2, allowing you to take advantage of modern features such as repeatable sections and conditional logic. The tool will walk you through the changes. The conversion tool will not affect your production form. It will create a copy of it elsewhere for you to test prior to deploying to production.

Please note, if you do not see the Convert button on a V1 form, then your team does not have access to V2 forms. If this is the case and you want to use the V2 form builder, please contact your sales representative or account manager.

For more information on Version 2 (Modern) forms and their associated features, please read:



How To Convert Forms

  1. Navigate to the form that you want to convert to V2. Select Convert from beneath the form name.

  2. The next screen shows a listing of V2-only features. To continue, select Let's Get Started.

  3. If your form has any of the following, you will be shown a page with options to convert these using V2 tools:
    • at least one button group with "allow comments" on it
    • repeating pages or multiple pages with the same questions, e.g. for recording employee hours,
    • skip logic

    • You may choose not to convert these features. If you do not convert:
      • Button Group Conditional Comments: The comments text field will always be visible.
      • Repeating Pages: Your repeating pages will all be present, but always be visible.
      • Skip Logic: The skip logic will be removed, and your form will no longer skip over pages.

  4. Select the appropriate formspace for your new form. This will not overwrite your old form. Note: As a best practice, we suggest creating the form in a test or development formspace. You may see some warnings. The reasons you may see these warnings are:
    • V1 JSON or XML Documents attached to this form. For more information, please read:
    • Data Destinations that do not support Repeatable Section output. For more information, please read: Supported Features for Repeatable Sections.
    • Custom Documents attached to this form. Please contact your account manager if this is the case.
    • Advanced Analytics attached to this form. Please contact your account manager if this is the case.
      Select Convert to V2 Form from the bottom.

  5. The new form will be launched in the V2 form builder and saved as a draft in the designated FormSpace. Below is an example of an automatically-generated repeatable section based on a version 1 form's duplicate pages:

  6. Check the form for appropriate Documents and Data Destinations. For more information:


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    Dwayne Williams

    I have a substantially shorter list and no option to download or upload XML. Does this need to be enabled on an individual basis? 

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    Erin Longhurst

    Hi Dwayne,

    This should be fixed for you now, thank you for bringing it to our attention.


    Erin Longhurst

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    Clément Nonn


    Like Dwayne, I don't have these options in the option list... Can you help me with this ? Thank you !