Coming soon: Android 6.8 - Visual Design & Navigation Improvements


The next release to the ProntoForms app for Android will include significant visual design updates.

These changes provide:

  • A more vibrant and visually pleasing mobile app
  • Improved usability and structured navigation
  • A common and familiar experience for ProntoForms users across all supported device platforms and device sizes

Featured Work App

ProntoForms has been named a "Featured Work App"  in the Google Play Store.  This comes after a stringent review process by Google,  recognizing the quality and usability of the ProntoForms app for Android.  

View our listing as a featured work app in Google Play.


Want to check it out before your users download the updated app?  

Let your team know how to disable automatic updates from the Play Store on Android apps.

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The Home Screen

After logging in to the app, mobile users will land on the new Home screen. Forms, Inbox, Sent/Outbox and Drafts  can be accessed directly from here. 

Sent & Outgoing Forms

The Outbox and Sent listings have been combined.  If users are working offline, an "Outgoing" header will appear in the Sent screen to hold all forms that are waiting to be sent.  If the Sent screen is disabled, it will be replaced on the home screen by an Outbox.  

To return to the home screen from any of the listing screens, use the side navigation menu and select Home.


Reconcile & Settings

The "refresh button" on the top right of the screen is used to reconcile.  The ProntoForms App Settings are accessed by tapping the gear icon at the top right of the home screen. 


Custom Branding

Custom branding will be displayed at the top of the home page at a larger size in the updated app.  

If you are using existing custom branding at 192x192px, your logo may appear pixelated. You may upload a new, larger logo in the web portal.

The ideal size for the banner logo uploaded to the web portal is 1200px by 400px.


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Navigating The App

Navigation Drawer

Added in ProntoForms for Android 6.6, the app now has an easy-to-find navigation drawer on all screens save the Home screen. Just tap the menu 2017-03-09-hamburgermenu20px.png in the top left of the app to view a listing of all the app tabs.


Android 6.8 adds your custom branding to the side navigation drawer for a more personal touch.


In-Form Navigation

We've improved in-form navigation, making it familiar to cross-platform users. Use familiar swipe gestures to change pages, or tap the icons at the top of the page. 


Map View

When interacting with a geolocation control type, you can select "Map" or "Satellite" views to show you where you are on a map. Use it to select your own location, or a site location.

Tap and hold to set down pins on the desired location, and select Done



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