V2 Forms: Adding Help Content to Questions


Note: V2 forms are gradually being rolled out to our customers.  To gain access now, please speak to support@prontoforms.com.



Adding "Help" content to forms gives mobile users access to support and other resources out in the field.  Help content is available to users through a button embedded beside a question.  Any question in the form can include a link to Youtube videos, web pages, or HTML-formatted work instructions.

Please note that help content must use an https:// prefix when being opened on iOS devices.


Add Help Content to a Question

The Help Options tab appears on every question type, usually as the last tab listed. To enable this option, turn the "Provide help to mobile users" slider to ON.

There are three types of mobile help available:

  • YouTube video: Provide a link to a YouTube video.
  • Web Link: Provide a link to a relevant web page.
  • HTML Text: Enter work instructions,  tips, etc.  This text can be formatted to include different font sizes, lists, tables, images and more.

Note:  Viewing external links (Youtube videos, web links)  requires a device with internet access.  HTML text help does not require internet access unless it includes images. 

When linking to external sites and/or files using help links, we recommend using HTTPS due to iOS' built-in security preventing any non-HTTPS links from being initialized from a third-party app.



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On a Mobile Device

A question with any kind of "Help" associated with it will have a question icon to the right.  Click this for help.


This will open up the help information box as shown below, which may include text, image and video linking capabilities:



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