Announcing: Organize Forms in the Mobile App with Form Tags

Add tags to forms to help mobile app users quickly find the forms they want in the mobile app. Form tags are a way to make groups of forms that are matched to a particular tag. Forms are typically organised by function, project, or region. 

This feature is currently supported by the most recent versions of ProntoForms for Android and iOS. This feature is in development for ProntoForms for Windows.


In the web portal
, add tags to forms to create a group -- like "Safety", "Maintenance" or "Audits."


In the mobile app, users select a tag to find all related forms.


These tags can be used to organise forms in any screen of the mobile app: Forms, Inbox, Drafts, or Sent. 


If you add multiple tags to a form, that form can be found by selecting any of the applicable tags -- like a file being stored in multiple folders at once.

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Organising Forms into a Group with Form Tags

While FormSpaces are used for controlling which mobile users have access to which forms, tags sort the forms that mobile users have access to into groups, much like folders. Therefore, even if forms are in different FormSpaces in the web portal, they can be part of the same group in the mobile app.

In the web portal, an administrator can add tags to any form.  For example, if you have many health and safety forms, you may want to add the tag "Safety" to each of these forms.  This tag can be applied to any form, no matter what FormSpace it is in.  

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Filtering by Form Tag in the Mobile App

Once users have access to a form that has tags applied, those tags will show up in the mobile app.

To choose a tag, either:

  • Tap on the desired tag on any visible form
  • Or, press the tag icon in the top right, then select the desired tag from the list.

As a result, the list of forms in the mobile app will be filtered down to only forms that have that tag.  

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Documentation for this feature is available here:

Form Properties and Settings Tab - Adding Form Tags


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