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The location based filter allows your mobile users to select a site based on how close it is to them. This is a type of filter that can be applied to dropdown questions that use data sources. It plots locations from a data sources onto a map, giving your mobile users a clear picture of where their clients are.

The location based filter means that your mobile users can, for example, select the nearest client in need of service for their next call, or narrow down a list of work sites based on proximity. This article will discuss how to add a location based filter to a form in the form builder.

If you are looking for information on how to use this filter on your mobile device, please look at: Using the Location Filter.

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Before You Begin

This filter uses latitude and longitude to filter the sites based on proximity to your current GPS location (as provided by your device). This means that any data source you reference with this filter must have latitude and longitude entries. You can convert addresses to latitude and longitude using tools like Geocodio (third party web-app). 

To learn more about data sources and how to configure them, please read: Data Sources Overview

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Add a Location Filter

To add a location based filter to a question to a form, follow these steps.

  1. Add a dropdown question following the instructions here. 
    Note: This filter requires a data source. For more information on data sources, please read: Data Sources Overview
  2. Under the Properties tab, select Apply Location Filtering. This will open up a new set of options: 

  3. Set the Latitude and Longitude dropdowns to the correct references in your data source.
  4. Set the Default radius of pins to display (in miles/kms) to limit the displayed locations to a certain range from your mobile users. Keep in mind how your field agents will be using this filter when choosing the right maximum distance. Someone local may be limited to a smaller range.
  5. Set the Maximum number of pins to display (closest first). Keep in mind the number of entries in your data source and the maximum distance you previously set - too many pins displayed in a small area will make it difficult for your field users to select the correct one. If there are more pins than your limit in your mobile user's location, it will display the nearest pins up to that limit.
  6. Set other options to desired settings:
    • Use map selection as the default selection method: this setting makes the map view the default for field users. 
    • Allow users to select items using a map: this allows your users to tap on the Map tab on their mobile device and see a map of locations within the radius you have set.
    • Allow users to select items using a list: this setting allows your users to display a list of locations filtered by proximity. The nearest will be shown at the top, and the furthest at the bottom. They may select one by tapping on it.
  7. Set up the rest of the question as desired.

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Security in Offline Modes

If you are using this feature to control access to sensitive information, please note: if your field users are in offline mode and have no cached locations (location snapshots taken within the last 5 minutes) then they will be granted access to the entire data source on their mobile devices. For more details, please read: Geo Location Data: Technical Details.


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