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Version 2 forms -- those created in the V2 form builder -- have their own specific documents and are not compatible with V1 documents. You cannot attach V1 documents to V2 forms. This article will discuss how to create V2 documents to replace V1 ones attached to old forms, and outline some of the basic format differences to make it easier to integrate with external systems.

Please note that V2 documents are not backwards compatible, i.e., they cannot be attached to V1 forms.


Create a Document

  1. Create the document as normal
  2. On the Configuration page, select Form Model Version: V2 from the dropdown.

  3. Configure as normal:



This section contains examples of the V2 document output to demonstrate the differences between the two forms. The JSON and XML samples contain data from a standard ("flow") section output into the respective formats.

Changes to the Data Record Format:
For ProntoForms REST APIs and JSON/XML document formats, we maintain a practice of not deleting existing properties or objects. A mechanism for versioning is used to facilitate deletions to our JSON/XML formats when necessary.  Customers will be contacted in advance if they will be affected. 
However, we will occasionally add new properties to existing APIs to support new features in the ProntoForms Platform. We do not create a new version of our APIs for new properties and we advise that clients of our APIs are resilient to additions by ignoring unknown properties. Client applications should ignore any properties that are not relevant to their use case.



"pages": [{
     "label": "0Estimate And Billin",
     "name": "Estimate and Billing Information",
     "sections": [{
          "type": "Flow",
"label": "Estimate Details",
"name": "Estimate Details",
"answers": [{
"label": "Estimate date",
"dataType": "Date",
"question": "Estimate date",
"values": ["2017-09-18"]
"label": "Expiration date",
"dataType": "Date",
"question": "Expiration date",
"values": []
"label": "Name",
"dataType": "FreeText",
"question": "Employee name",
"values": ["Peter King"]



<page label="0Estimate and Billin" name="Estimate and Billing Information">
<section type="Flow" label="Estimate Details" name="Estimate Details">
<answer label="Estimate date" dataType="Date">
<question>Estimate date</question>
<answer label="Expiration date" dataType="Date">
<question>Expiration date</question>
<answer label="Name" dataType="FreeText">
<question>Employee name</question>
<value>Peter King</value>



This example contains data in raw format, and then a screenshot of the output in Excel.

Estimate date,Expiration date,Name,Customer,Street,City,State,ZIP,E-mail,Product/Service,Description,Quantity,Rate,Amount,Aggregation,Discount Percent,Discount Amount,Total,NotificationEmail
2017-09-18,,Peter King,Sally Hoster,1815 Stoney Lonesome Road,Bloomsburg,PA,17815,,Concrete,Concrete for fountain installation,3,$75.00 USD,$225.00 USD,$750.00 USD,15,$112.50 USD,$637.50 USD,******





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