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The V2 Form Builder is, as of 2019, the default form builder. This FAQ remains as a courtesy to any legacy V1 customers.



ProntoForms is introducing "V2 Forms" -- a set of features that enable more powerful and adaptable forms and mobile workflows than ever before.

Below are the questions that customers frequently ask us about migrating their existing forms from V1 to V2. 


Is there a cost to upgrade to V2?

No.  As a valued customer, we would like to invite you to begin using V2 forms today. There is no additional cost to do so; we want you to have our best form features in your hands.

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What will happen when V2 Forms are enabled on your ProntoForms account?

You will get access to new features, but existing V1 features will remain available. Existing V1 forms will not be modifed. 

  • New V2 Features:
    You will be able to build new V2 forms with the new features.

  • V1 Features:
    You will still have access to these.  Your V1 forms will work as before, and they will still be editable in the V1 Form Builder. 

  • Existing Forms:
    You will have the option to upgrade existing V1 forms, one by one.  Until you explicitly decide to upgrade a form, your existing form will not be impacted.

  • Existing Integrations:
    Until you upgrade a form to V2, any of its connected integrations and workflows will not be impacted; they will continue to function as before. 

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How do I upgrade my forms to V2?

You can choose to upgrade individual forms to V2 using the process documented here: Converting a Form from V1 to V2. 

Are there any V1 features that are not supported in V2?

V2 forms support the majority of features in the old form builder, with some exceptions.   

The following features are not supported: 

  • Button Group "Conditional Comments"
  • Skip Logic

Both of these features are replaced by conditional logic, which fully replaces the behavior and functionality of the above features, while providing more control and additional configuration options.

Depending on how your V1 form is configured, the form upgrade may offer to convert some existing features to conditional logic or repeatable sections for compatibility. 

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What other changes should I expect when I start to work with V2 forms?

Here's what you should know before deploying your first V2 form to your mobile workforce.  

  • Impacts to Mobile Users
    There are no significant impacts to mobile users caused by deploying a V2 form.   If you do not add Conditional Logic or Repeatable Sections into a form, they will notice little difference.  As always, ensure your users are on a recent mobile app version.   If you add major changes and new features into forms, it is always a good idea to thoroughly test your changes before deploying, and notify your users so they are not surprised.  

  • Default PDF, Word, and HTML documents:
    These document types have been updated with a new look and feel. While there are many similarities to your old documents, they have a lot of new features, like displaying Repeatable Sections in a table format.  V2 forms must use this new document format. 

  • Data Destinations:
    All data destinations support V2 forms, and can send V2 documents. 

    Some considerations:
    • The data format sent to Google Sheets destinations will change if you add Repeatable Sections to a form.
    • Some data destinations don't fully support the data structure from Repeatable Sections.  This is true for Salesforce, Sharepoint Online, and Quickbooks Online data destinations.  

  • JSON, XML, and CSV documents:
    These documents have a new data structure to support the new features like Repeatable Sections. If you have integrations that use these features, be careful when upgrading the form to V2.

  • Custom PDF, Word, and HTML Documents:
    Custom documents built by our professional services team have been designed for the V1 form data format, which doesn't include sections.  When upgrading to V2, some custom documents will need to be upgraded as well.  This must be done by our professional services team, and the work involved depends on how the document was built, and if you have made any additional changes to the form, such as adding repeatable sections, which significantly changes the data format.   Please consult with your account manager.

  • Advanced Analytics Projects:
    Analytics projects should not be affected when you simply convert a V1 form to V2, but please be sure to check with our Analytics team during your conversion to ensure your Analytics will not be impacted.   Analytics WILL be impacted if you add new features, such as repeatable sections, and expect these new features to be handled in your Analytics reports. 

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When will V1 forms and the Classic Form Builder be phased out?

We know that you are focusing on operating your business, and need time to modify your existing forms.  We would like to give you the time to do this in a thoughtful way that makes your forms more valuable.

  • Today:
    No new features will be added to the Classic Form Builder. This is to ensure we are making the best use of our resources and constantly developing more innovative solutions.   To make use of any new features, you will need to use V2 forms.

  • November 2018: 
    You will no longer be able to build new V1 Forms in the Classic Builder.   All new forms at that point must be created as V2. 

    The following will NOT be impacted:
    • Existing V1 forms can still be copied & edited in the web portal. 
    • Existing V1 integrations can still be used and modified, and their behaviour will not be impacted.
    • Existing V1 forms can still also be used by mobile users in our mobile apps, with no change to how they function.
    • You will still be able to upgrade existing forms to V2. 

  • June, 2019:
    You will no longer be able to edit existing V1 forms. To edit a form, you must upgrade it to V2. 

    The following will NOT be impacted:
    • Existing V1 forms can still also be used by mobile users in our mobile apps, with no change to how they function. 
    • You will still be able to upgrade existing forms to V2. 

  • TBD, but not before December, 2020
    We do not yet have a confirmed date for when our mobile apps will cease to support V1 form functionality. We will be listening to our customers to understand when this is realistic without impacting the operations of our customers.

    You will be advised with plenty of notice (6 months, at a minimum) before the "end of life" for V1 support in our mobile apps.  

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