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Can I continue using the old Form Builder?

Yes.  We currently do not have a plan for removing access to the old form builder.  So, if you have existing forms and aren't ready to upgrade them yet, that's absolutely fine with us -- you can continue to build and edit them in the old form builder.  

However, new features will only be added to the new Form Builder.  Things like conditional logic and other new powerful features will never be available in the old Form Builder.

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Will my existing forms be affected? 

Unless you upgrade your forms to use the new Form Builder, no. You can continue to edit existing forms in the old form builder.

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Do I have to upgrade all my forms at once?

No. You can choose when and if you wish to upgrade your forms on a case-by-case basis. However, new features will only be added to the new Form Builder.

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Are there any features that are not supported in the new Form Builder?

The new form builder supports the majority of features in the old form builder, with some exceptions.   

The following features are not supported: 

  • Button Group "Conditional Comments"
  • Skip Logic

Both of these features are replaced by conditional logic, which fully replaces the behavior and functionality of the above features, while providing more control and additional configuration options.

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What are the new features in the new Form Builder?

  Old Form Builder New Form Builder
All Question & Data Types  ✔
Sections  ✔
Conditional Logic  ✔
V1 Documents  ✘
V2 Documents  ✔
Use Data Sources  ✔
Use Data Destinations  ✔

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What will upgrading my form impact?

Mobile Users

Mobile users will only be impacted if you upgrade your form and add new features like conditional logic and sections. If you don't add new features, it won't look or behave any differently.


PDF/Word/HTML Documents

PDF, Word, and HTML documents look different for V2 forms.  You will need to create a new document with a V2 template.  This will look different from the old style of PDF, but is highly configurable so you can modify it to more closely match the old format. For more information, read our documentation: V2 PDF/Word/HTML Documents


JSON, XML, and Advanced Integrations

The XML and JSON format is different for V2 forms.  If you are accessing the XML or JSON version of a data record, either through a data destination or the API, you may need to make changes to your integration.  For more information, read our documentation: V2 JSON/XML/CSV Documents

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How do I upgrade my forms?

  1. Before upgrading your form, copy it to a "Test" or "Development" FormSpace (one that is not used in Production) so that you can test the form after the conversion process. 
    • Copying the form first will ensure that any data sources it uses also get copied to your Test space.
  2. Upgrade the form through the process documented here. Be sure to put the "V2" copy in your Test space.
  3. Make any changes you want to make to the form.
  4. Set up any V2 Documents that you need.
  5. Test the form in the mobile app to make sure it behaves the way you want it to.
    • If the form has conditional logic, test every single possible outcome -- including what happens if a user makes a choice that triggers conditional logic, and then changes their mind.
    • If you use a lot of conditional logic, you may want to "trial" it with a pilot group first, just to be sure.
  6. Submit your test submissions.  
  7. Check out the PDF, Word, or HTML documents created by your test submissions to make sure they look how you want them to.
  8. Check that any JSON, XML or CSV documents work correctly in any system that receives them through a data destination or the API.
  9. If everything looks good, you can deploy your form to mobile users. (You can copy it back over the V1 version in your production space at this point as well.)

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