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Note: V2 Forms are available to all customers. If you do not have access to the V2 Form Builder and Forms, please read: Enabling V2 Forms


V2 forms enable building "Sections" into mobile forms.  Each form page can contain multiple sections, and all questions are contained within sections. 

Adding regular sections to your mobile forms:

  • Helps organize questions into logical groups
    • Making it easier for mobile users to navigate through a form in the app
    • Better structures information on PDF/Word/HTML documents
  • Makes it easier to build conditional logic, especially to hide/show a large group of questions with a single conditional logic rule.  

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Regular Sections in the Mobile App

Regular Sections show as blue headers within a single form page.  Regular Sections can be expanded or collapsed, making it easy for a mobile user to navigate through a page. 

Expanded sections are indicated by doubled downwards-pointing arrow icons  on the far right side of the screen.  An expanded section appears as shown below:

To collapse a section, tap the  icon on the far right. This will hide the section without erasing any of your answers, making it easier to fill other sections without scrolling.

A collapsed section appears as shown below:

To expand a collapsed section, tap the  icon on the far right side of the screen. 


More Information

More information on sections can be found here:

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