Add a Repeatable Section to a Form


Note: This feature is only available to customers with "V2" Access.  Please contact your account manager for more information. 



Repeatable sections let you to easily build structured, lightweight mobile forms to easily gather information about a variable number of line items for the same set of questions (like parts, labor, or assets).

The summary table format allows your ,mobile forms to look like their familiar paper counterparts, and allows for easy review of entered information. 


Review the video below for a demonstration of repeatable sections in the mobile app.. 



Review the video below for instructions on adding a repeatable section to a form. 



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Create a Repeatable Section

      1.  Go the the place in your form where you would like to add a Repeatable section; this can be after a Regular section on an existing page, or on a brand new page. 
      2. Select the Add a Section button. 
      3. Choose Repeatable as the section type. 
      4. Name the section, then press save. 
      5. The Repeatable section will be created. It will be easily identifiable by the table view. 

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Add Questions to a Repeatable Section

      1. Navigate to your Repeatable section. 
      2. Press the Edit Summary Table or Questions button to launch into your Repeatable section. You will now be inside your repeatable section.

      3. Select Add a Question on the right side of the screen.
      4. Add the question as you normally would. For information on adding questions to a repeatable section, please read: Add Questions to a Repeatable Section.
      5. As you add questions, the first 3 will automatically be added as columns in the summary table. 
      6. To add another, select Add a Column. 

      7. Select Return to Main Form to go back to your main form.  

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  • Avatar
    John Miller

    I can not find where the "ADD a Section" button is?  How do I follow the instructions if I can not see this button?  Need more information here to help make this easier to figure out for a first time user. 

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    Danielle Morley

    Hi John,


    Thanks for your comment.   This article documents a feature that is about to be released -- you won't see the "ADD A SECTION" button yet because you are working in the "Classic" form Builder, which is documented in this area of our support site: