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The repeatable sections settings screen gives you the ability to edit a number of your repeatable section's properties, largely to do with restrictions on questions within. Any changes made will be saved to a new version of the form.

For information on building repeatable sections: Building Repeatable Sections.


Repeatable Section Settings

To access the Settings, navigate to the appropriate repeatable section and select Settings from the top navigation bar:


Available Settings:

Enforce a min and max number of entries: This setting allows you to ensure your users have at least one entry, or do not go over a certain number of entries. Toggling this setting on opens up the Min and Max boxes. You may set a minimum and leave the maximum entries blank, or vice-versa.

Setting a minimum number of entries can be used to make a section "required", for example.


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Additional Restrictions

These restrictions are intended for forms where entries are created by dispatching, or are populated from other questions. Read more about pushing data to other questions.

These settings restrict actions by mobile users. Combine these options to restrict your mobile users from data entry errors. An example of this is if you want to prevent users from deleting entries if your repeat section is populated with a number of mandatory steps.

  • Prevent users from adding entries: Users cannot add any new rows to the repeatable section.
  • Prevent users from editing entries: Users cannot edit any of the existing entries.
  • Prevent users from deleting entries: Users cannot delete any existing entries in the repeatable section.


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