Announcing: Dispatch Metadata and Enhanced Inbox Features

Easily assign notes, priorities, due dates, and locations to dispatches, giving mobile users the tools they need to efficiently plan their work in the field. Your mobile users can get a higher-level look at their assigned jobs without needing to look at each individual form: they can sort based on the information right from the inbox. 

Make Planning Your Day Easier

At-a-glance job-relevant information:

2017-12-08-iOSMetadata06.png 2017-12-08-iOSMetadata05.png

Each inbox view allows your mobile users an easier way to view their dispatched forms:

  • List: View job-specific information about every item in your inbox.
  • Due Date: Prioritize your work based when it is due. Easily see what has to be done today.
  • Priority: Sort by priority - High to Low - to spot the most urgent jobs.
  • Map: Plot all jobs on a map to better plan your route for the day.




Plot a route on your map (available on iOS 8.2.1 and coming soon in Android 7.5)

Get driving directions to your next job with the tap of a button.


Additional Notes 

For more information on this feature:

Dispatching Metadata and Inbox Views



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