Announcing: Location-Based Filtering of Data Sources


The physical location of your field team is important to your business process. Make use of the current location of field workers as they are completing forms to allow:

  • filtering of sites based on mobile users' current location,
  • visual representation of nearby assets or job sites,
  • easy access to job information by touching a pin on a map.


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Location-Based Filtering of Data Sources


Location-based filtering allows large data sources -- like customers, assets, or sites -- to be dynamically filtered in mobile forms based on a user's current location. They will only be able to see options within a certain distance of where they are -- such as only showing sites that are one mile away or closer.

Sites within this range are also plotted on a map, making it easy for users to see where they are located, and select an option right from the map. Additional information about that site is automatically populated in the form, giving users all the information they need to get started on a job. This allows you to:

  • make large data sets containing location information easier to handle
  • help field workers more efficiently plan their work by showing them nearby jobs.


For our documentation on this feature, please read:

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