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This article provides the details required to set up ProntoForms within a MobileIron MDM solution for an Android-specific installation. If you are looking for iOS details, please read: iOS Managed Configuration for ProntoForms with MobileIron.


MobileIron Core/Cloud must be enabled for Android in order to use Android apps. To enable MobileIron Core/Cloud to provide Android features, you must perform setup steps with Google, MobileIron Support, and MobileIron Core/Cloud Admin Console. Please ensure these steps are completed first.

Core Admin Guide:

Cloud Admin Guide:

Moreover, you must have requested your team be flagged for MDM usage. Please contact ProntoForms Support or your account manager to take this step.

App availability

ProntoForms is available on Android via the Play Store:

Android : ProntoForms - Mobile Forms

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Device compatibility

As of May 15th, 2017, the ProntoForms app requires Android 5.X (Lollipop) or above for full feature support.

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App Deployment

  1. Import the app into MobileIron Core.MobileIron Core Admin Portal > Apps > App Catalog > Store Import > Google Play > Google Play Store Search for the app > click Import

  2. Enable Android for Work for your app. MobileIron Core Admin Portal > Apps > App Catalog > Search for your app > Edit App > In "Android For Work" section > Enable "Install this app for Android for Work"
  3. Configuring the app MobileIron Core Admin Portal -> Apps -> App Catalog -> Search for your app -> Edit App -> In "Configurations" section -> List of key-value pairs will be pre-populated as shown in the following screenshot:
  4. Apply Label to AppMobileIron Core Admin Portal -> Apps -> App Catalog -> Select your app -> More Actions -> Apply Label

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App-specific configuration

ProntoForms has options that can be enabled or disabled via the MobileIron configuration screen (Step 3 above). They are as follows: 



Default if the key-value pair is not configured

App is allowed to download sent items

If 'false', app can only view list of sent items


App will be pinned in kiosk mode

If 'true' and app is white listed for task locking, app will be pinned in kiosk mode


Log Level

Select the application log level


Compression (0-100)

Greater amounts of compression lead to smaller file sizes and lower quality photos



Select the maximum size of the long edge of the image


Confirm Send

Click this checkbox to enable


Custom Maximum Size

Please enter the custom maximum size (minimum 200)

No default (can only be specified if Resolution is "custom")

Audio Quality

Select the quality level of recorded audio

Medium Quality

Use Ditto

Click this checkbox to enable


Show Hints

Click this checkbox to enable



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Security Controls

These controls are provided by Google and implemented by your EMM provider. ProntoForms does not specifically support or enable/disable any of these options. The App-Specific cut and paste options work independently from the “Allow copy and paste” options in the Work Profile settings. In particular, the App-Specific options work for both employee-owned and corporate-owned devices.


NOTE: Each of the above features are described in complete detail in DOC-3664. Future core releases could introduce new Lockdown options

MobileIron Core:

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Secure Tunneling Support

Currently, ProntoForms does not support secure tunneling.


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How to create your Team MDM Key

To create your Team MDM Key:

  1. Navigate to Team Settings by selecting Team Settings from the dropdown beneath your username.
  2. Select the Mobile Device tab and scroll to the bottom of the page.
  3. Ensure MDM Enforcement is Enabled.
  4. Select Initialize in the table below. Your MDM Team Key will be created.

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