Error Message: There was an error with the Salesforce API call


This feature is available on the following tiers: Enterprise, Advanced.


Issue Symptoms

The SalesForce Data destination for a submitted record fails with the following error:

Error, Execution Failure: Processor 'Salesforce Ticket' failed to execute: Execution Failure: There was an error with the Salesforce API call

Some records may be sent successfully to SalesForce, while others throw the error mentioned above.

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This error may occur if question(s) defined as a key field(s) in the SalesForce destination "Update Query" tab are not answered in the form submission. 

As an example:
If the following is defined in the SalesForce data destination:

However, if the question with the label "WorkOrder" on the form submission was left blank, we will receive an error when attempting to execute the SalesForce destination. 

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Ensure that any key fields used in the SalesForce data destination "Update Query" tab are filled in on the form submission. You can ensure this is the case by setting the questions used as a key field to "required" (using the form builder).

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