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White Labeling gives your company a personalized version of the ProntoForms app in mobile device app stores.  The app, under your company name and branding, allows quick access for employees, subcontractors and customers. Deploying a white label app is an easy process (unlike developing your own custom app). 

Take advantage of ProntoForms' years of experience in producing quality apps,  and familiarity with the process of building, publishing, and maintaining them. With a white label app, you can:

  • leverage our years of native mobile app development experience,
  • publish apps using your own company name across multiple app stores,
  • maintain a unified brand in front of your customers,
  • streamline onboarding for employees and subcontractors by directing them to your App Store.

When requesting a white label app, you control:

  • colours and splash screens displayed on the app,
  • branding and icons displayed in the app and on the device,
  • delivery of updates to your users.


If you are interested in a white label build, please contact your Sales Account Manager.


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