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White Labeling gives your company a personalized version of the ProntoForms app in mobile device app stores.  The app, under your company name and branding, allows quick access for employees, subcontractors and customers. Deploying a white label app is an easy process (unlike developing your own custom app). 

Take advantage of ProntoForms' years of experience in producing quality apps,  and familiarity with the process of building, publishing, and maintaining them. With a white label app, you can:

  • leverage our years of native mobile app development experience,
  • publish apps using your own company name across multiple app stores,
  • maintain a unified brand in front of your customers,
  • streamline onboarding for employees and subcontractors by directing them to your App Store.

When requesting a white label app, you control:

  • colours and splash screens displayed on the app,
  • branding and icons displayed in the app and on the device,
  • delivery of updates to your users.


If you are interested in a white label build, please contact your Sales Account Manager.


What do I get to choose?


When you request a white label version of ProntoForms, you can choose whether to release it to the Apple App Store, the Google Play Store (Android), or both.

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When you request a white label version, you must have a clear idea of what colours you wish to use. These are typically based on your company's branding or style sheets. These samples are from the Android version of ProntoForms.

Colour Description Where does it appear? Recommendations
Primary Colour This is the colour that is used most widely across the app, and in large surface areas.
  • Login screen
  • Launch screen
  • Splash screen
  • Navigation drawer header
  • Section headers
Dark or bold colour, as it will be used:
  • as a background to white text:

  • as the text colour on a white or light background:
Secondary Colour This is the colour that is used on things like buttons, highlighted items, and other items that require notice.
  • Selectable/Pressable icons and links
  • Highlighted items
  • Selectable form names
  • Should show up clearly against a white or grey background.
Accent Colour This is often a complimentary colour to the Primary Colour. It's for things that really need to pop out visually.
  • Next/previous page
  • Pinned items in a list
  • Vibrant, complimentary colour to Primary
Alternate Background Colour This is an optional background colour. If the supplied banner logo does not work with the Primary colour, you can provide this alternate background colour to provide better contrast.
  • background on the splash screen
  • upper part of the login screen
  • navigation drawer header
  • upper part of the launch screen.
  • High contrast with the provided banner logo.


AndroidDesign-overlays-home400px.png AndroidDesign-overlays-login400px.png
AndroidDesign-overlays-form400px.png AndroidDesign-overlays-nav400px.png

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When requesting a white label app, you must provide an icon and a banner logo that will be used for your app. These images will show up in:

  • device menus or app listings
  • app splash screens
  • navigation drawers


Icon Banner Logo
2017-06-09-whitelabel-logo01.png 2017-06-09-whitelabel-logo02.png


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Release Schedule

ProntoForms is constantly releasing new features and upgrades to the core app. If you have a specific implementation and want to test new updates to the app before releasing them to your userbase, having a white label app allows for a small window for testing. ProntoForms does not manage these tests.


  • Hotfixes and Critical Updates: ProntoForms reserves the right to push hotfixes and critical updates on your white label app with the urgency commensurate with the associated security issue. This means that if there is a security issue or other problem with the app (and by extension, any white labeled app), we reserve the right to get that update to your white label app as soon as possible.
  • New Versions: New versions often contain updates to features, or entirely new features. These must be adopted within four weeks (20 business days) of their release. If you do not upgrade within 20 business days, you may skip versions and have trouble with future updates. ProntoForms does not guarantee full functionality if you do not maintain an updated white label version.

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Steps to Creating a White Label App

This section will discuss the general process for requesting and creating a white label app. This is an example only; your experience may vary depending on your requests and needs.

  1. Contact your Sales Account Manager:
    When you contact your Account Manager and express interest in the white label app program, you've begun the process towards having your own customized version of ProntoForms built to your specifications.

  2. Information gathering: This is where your Sales Account Representative will collect information on what you wish to have done
    1. Managed vs. Provided Releases:
      • Depending on your agreement with ProntoForms, you may be entirely responsible for maintaining your App or Play Store listing. This includes, but is not limited to:

        • providing Apple and Google reviewers with a demonstration account 
        • managing update notes
        • updating screenshots when significant design changes are made
        • uploading new private label app versions

        If you choose to have ProntoForms manage all of this for you, then it is a ProntoForms-Managed. If you have a designated person in your own company who can manage all of these, it is Administrator-Managed.

    2. Customer Information Form: ProntoForms will create a formspace in your ProntoForms account and a single user, and provide the login credentials to you. When you log into that user, there will be a form for you to fill out that requests:
      1. App Details – App name, graphics, contact information 
      2. App Store / Play Store permissions and/or provided certificates - these should be handled by a technically-savvy person who has access to your App and Play Store accounts.
    3. Once you submit the form, the information will be sent to your specific folder on our staging ground for building your app.

  3. We build the app for you - ProntoForms will send sample screenshots of the appropriate screens for final approval.
    • For detailed information on the Apple App Store Workflow: Read More >
    • For detailed information on the Google Play Console: Read More >
  4. Post-Approval – the app is uploaded to the desired app stores. 
  5. App is submitted to app stores for review. 
  6. App goes into use. 
  7. (later) Maintenance / Updates – Depends on how your releases are managed: ProntoForms-Managed or Administrator-Managed. 

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App Store Accounts

To publish your private label version of ProntoForms under your own company name, you need the appropriate accounts in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Each of these accounts has an associated cost: USD 99 for the Apple App Store per year, and a one-time USD 25 fee for Google Play.


Creating Your App / Play Store Accounts

This section will contain necessary information about creating and configuring your app store accounts.

Apple Developer Account

If you do not already have an Organization-based Apple Developer account, you will need:

  • an Apple ID
  • D-U-N-S Number: This allows Apple to verify your organization's identity and legal entity status. Learn more >
  • Legal Entity Status: This allows you to enter into legal contracts with Apple and ProntoForms.
  • Legal Binding Authority: As the person enrolling your organization into the Apple Developer Program, you must have the legal authority to bind your organizations to legal agreements.

To get started enrolling in the Apple Developer Program, click here. 

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Google Developer Account

If you do not already have a Google Developer Account, you will need to create one. This will allow you to create and distribute apps on a private channel, meaning that you can limit who has access to your apps and allow third-party developers such as ProntoForms to upload the private label apps to your account.

To get started signing up for a Google Developer Account, click here.

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Distributing Apps

  • For detailed information on the Apple App Store Workflow: Read More >
  • For detailed information on the Google Play Console: Read More >



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