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The Multiselect Box allows the user to select one or more answers from a list of predefined answers.  When using a data source, users can search lists of information to find the information they need.


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Multiselect Questions

There are three tabs for Multiselect questions: General, Options, and Properties.


Compatible Data Types: Free Text, Email Address, URL, Phone Number, Integer, Decimal, Currency.

Available Restrictions: Please see Question and Data Types: Restrictions for more information.



Options: Define your list of preset answers here.

Collect a text response with an "Other" option: With this option enabled, your mobile users can add an answer that is not listed.

Define Options Manually: Enter your preset options here.

  • Reorder options by dragging and dropping using the dotted icon to the left side of the option.
  • Optionally, add an "other" option for any answers not shown using the toggle at the bottom of the list.

Use Data Source for Options: Link your question to a data source to populate your list of options. For more information on Data Sources, please read: Data Source Overview

  • Column displayed in dropdown: This is the information that will be shown on your mobile users' devices.
  • Column submitted to server: This is the information that will be sent to the server or added to a document. This does not have to match the displayed column.
  • Hide duplicate rows in dropdown: If your data source contains duplicate entries, selecting this option will hide the duplicates.
  • Filter Options: Enabling this option allows you to filter out information irrelevant to your mobile user. It is a minor form of conditional logic. For more information on filtering data sources, please read: Filtering Data Sources
  • Filter Options by Location: Enabling this option allows you to filter data sources based on the mobile user's location. For more information on location-based filtering, please read: Adding Location-Based Filtering to Questions.


Multiselect Properties: This will vary depending on the data type chosen.

  • Validation Type: Non-accented letters only, no spaces; non-accented letters and numbers only, no spaces; Canadian postal code; US zip code; custom (uses Regular Expressions).
    • Used for: FreeText
  • Default Value: Set the initial value for the question.
    • Used for: FreeText, Email Address, URL, Phone Number, Integer, Decimal, Currency.
  • Allow mobile users to...
    • ... launch an email to this email address: opens the device's mail client to send an email to the listed address.
    • ... a web browser from this URL: opens the link in either the ProntoForms app, or in an external web browser.
    • ... start a phone call to this number: opens the phone number in the device's phone interface.
    • ... send an SMS to this number: opens the device's SMS app with the phone number pre-populated.
  • Min/Max Value: set a minimum or maximum value for the button group.
    • Used for: Integer, Decimal, and Currency.
  • Min/Max Decimal Places: set a minimum or maximum number of decimal places.
    • Used for: Decimal.
  • Currency: Select from a list of global currencies.
    • Used for: Currency.

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