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Duration fields describe a measure of time. For example, a timesheet would use a duration field to record the number of hours an employee has worked.

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Duration Field Questions

There are two tabs for Duration Field questions: General and Properties.


Available Restrictions: See Question and Data Types: Restrictions.

Please note: If using this question type on ProntoForms for Android, the Android OS must be version 8.0 or higher.

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A duration field's properties are focused upon the precision of the field. Precision determines what units the duration is shown in. Consider this when creating a Duration Field question and choose the most appropriate for the data you're planning on using. For example, the most practical for a timesheet would be hours and minutes.

  • Default: Hours and Minutes
  • Available Types:
    • Hours
    • Hours and Minutes
    • Minutes
    • Minutes and Seconds
    • Seconds
  • Min Value: Set the minimum value allowed for this question.
  • Max Value: Set the maximum value allowed for this question.
  • Default Value: Set the default value for this question.


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