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Button groups allow mobile users to choose one of two to five color-coded options. These can be as simple as a color-coded trio of "Pass/Fail/Not Applicable" or a more complex choice.


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Button Groups

Commonly used in inspections, the button group control allows users to quickly answer a series of questions without typing, and while receiving immediate visual feedback (the "bad" answer is often coded red, while the "good" answer is coded green, making it easy for the user to review their answers later).   The button group also allows collecting different values in the background, making it a good tool to quickly build a scored inspection.

Compatible Data Types: Free Text, Email Address, URL, Phone Number, Integer, Decimal, Currency.

Available Restrictions: See Question and Data Types: Restrictions for more information.

Button Group Options: This is where you set the two to five possible answers for your mobile users, and select the correct display colour.

  • Value submitted to server: This is the answer that will be sent to the server if selected. These are validated depending on the selected data type for the question.  This value is required. If the question has a numeric data type, the number must conform to the number data type.
  • Text displayed on device: This is the answer shown on the device regardless of whether it is selected. This does not have to match the selected data type. There is a character limit of 12.  If no display text is entered, buttons will be labeled with the Value. 
  • Display color: Select from several preset colors or enter a hex code for custom colors.

Drag and Drop Icon: Rearrange the order of your answers by selecting the dotted icon to the left of the value submitted to server and dragging it into the correct order.



Button Group Properties: This may vary depending on the data type chosen.

  • Validation Type: Non-accented letters only, no spaces; non-accented letters and numbers only, no spaces; Canadian postal code; US zip code; custom (uses Regular Expressions).
    • Used for: FreeText
  • Default Value: Set the initial value for the question.
    • Used for: FreeText, Email Address, URL, Phone Number, Integer, Decimal, Currency.
  • Allow mobile users to...
    • ... launch an email to this email address: opens the device's mail client to send an email to the listed address.
    • ... a web browser from this URL: opens the link in either the ProntoForms app, or in an external web browser.
    • ... start a phone call to this number: opens the phone number in the device's phone interface.
    • ... send an SMS to this number: opens the device's SMS app with the phone number pre-populated.
  • Min/Max Value: set a minimum or maximum value for the button group.
    • Used for: Integer, Decimal, and Currency.
  • Min/Max Decimal Places: set a minimum or maximum number of decimal places.
    • Used for: Decimal.
  • Currency: Select from a list of global currencies.
    • Used for: Currency.

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