New Release of Server and Mobile Apps: Dispatching, REST API, Scheduled CSV Exports, and More

 We're pleased to announce a set of new features in the ProntoForms system.  Read the highlights of the release below.  Also, take a look at the corresponding article, Integrating Your Mobile Data Made Easier – ProntoForms Dispatch and API, on the ProntoForms Blog.

Dispatch Forms to Your Mobile Users

You can now send pre-filled mobile forms directly to your users' mobile devices!!  The latest Apple and Android apps now include an "Inbox" where your users can receive forms dispatched through the web portal or dispatched through the new ProntoForms API. Of course, you can still start with a blank form from the "Forms" list, just as you always have.

Please consult the documentation on Dispatching Forms to a User for more information.

Controlling Items Names and Searching Lists (Inbox, Drafts, Forms) on Your Device

Inboxes can be a challenge to manage. To help with this, we have introduced a new feature to control the data record name as it appears not only in the Inbox, but also in your list of saved Drafts. For information on using this feature, please read Configure the Naming of Items on the Device with the Data Record Name Property.

Mobile app users with long lists will also appreciate the new feature of searching the list item titles.

CSV Data Export Scheduling

If you download your ProntoForms data in CSV format, you can now save yourself some visits to the web administration portal by scheduling your exports and having them emailed to you (and copying others, if you wish). For details, read How to: Schedule Email Delivery of CSV Data Exports.

CSV data exports are also now retrievable via API functionality.

Introducing the ProntoForms REST API

Version 1 of our REST API is now available. The API allows developers to use commonly available technologies and skills to integrate their business systems with ProntoForms, and to automate keys tasks. This includes dispatching, updating data sources (lookups), exporting data to CSV, and various user management functions. For details, consult the documentation on the ProntoForms REST API.

Upgrade your Apple iPhone/iPad and Android Apps

To take advantage of the new features, you need to upgrade to the latest app versions in the Apple AppStore and Android Market.

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