ProntoForms Push Notifications for Android, iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch coming soon

Push Notifications on Your ProntoForms Mobile App

We're pleased to announce the availability of push notification functionality for ProntoForms Android users!  This feature will be available to iOS app users (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch) in just a few weeks.

With push notifications enabled in your ProntoForms solution, your mobile users will know instantly when a dispatch is available or a form or data source has been updated.

For information on how it works and how to configure it, please consult our Push Notifications documentation.

New in ProntoForms for Android v2.2

  • Push Notifications
  • Photo Quality Settings
    Set a default quality for photos captured with the ProntoForms app
  • Auto-save of forms
  • Support for Additional Languages
    French, Spanish, Turkish, Portugese


Thanks for using ProntoForms!!




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