Announcing Version 5 of ProntoForms for iOS

We are very excited to announce the availability of a new version of the ProntoForms app for iPhone, iPad, and the iPod Touch. This version offers a number of functional improvements, new features, and greater stability. We have improved the usability of the app by improving how index pages work, and adding support for page-turn gestures to navigate between pages. The sketch pad control has a few new capabilities (you can drop text on a sketch now!), and you can launch helper applications from URL, email, and phone number questions. There are also hundreds of small improvements and fixes.

Documentation of the changes and new features is available on the ProntoForms Support site:

To upgrade to the latest version, please use the "Update" function in the AppStore app on your iOS device, or browse to:

Do you have feedback on the new version? Let us know what you think by emailing

Thanks for using ProntoForms!


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