New ProntoForms Features: Automatic Dispatching, Integrations with Zendesk and Amazon Web Services, SMS Notifications

The ProntoForms team is very pleased to announce the availability of several new, easy-to-use dispatching and integration features.

Automatic Dispatching
The submission of a mobile form can now automatically trigger the dispatch of a second form, with our new Dispatch Data Destination.  Administrators can combine this with the new dynamic ProntoForms Group Data Source and with filtering rules to create mobile work flows.  For more information, please visit:


Zendesk Data Destination
ProntoForms users who also use the excellent Zendesk online help desk service can now configure their mobile forms to optionally create a support ticket.  For information on this feature, go here:


Amazon Web Services Data Destinations and Dynamic Data Destinations
We are pleased to introduce two new forms of integration with Amazon's very popular and cost-effective Simple Storage Service (S3).  The ProntoForms Amazon S3 dynamic data source feature will periodically fetch your data source file (CSV, XML, or JSON) from an Amazon S3 storage bucket.  The new S3 data destination allows secure storage of your mobile form document (PDF, DOCX, HTML) and data files (XML, JSON) in your Amazon Web Services account.

We have also introduced a data destination for the AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS).  ProntoForms data destination support for Amazon SNS and S3 enables use of the full range of AWS Application Services, including the Simple Queue Service (SQS) and Simple Workflow Service (SWS).  This is a key enabler for customers who want to use the cloud for more than just infrastructure, and want to take advantage of the capabilities and cost-savings offered by cloud-based application services.


SMS (Text Message) Data Destination
Your important mobile form submissions can now trigger a text message.  Configure an SMS data destination with a filter that will identify important submissions from your team, and you will receive notifications on your phone as they are submitted.  Find out more here:


Feedback on the new features?  Feature suggestions?  We're happy to hear from you at


Thanks for using ProntoForms!

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