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Scheduled Maintenance Sunday, December 1, 06:00 - 12:00 EST



  • Robert Oliver

    We can't submit forms that were dispatched prior to the maintenance. All forms sent today are going through fine. I have about 20 jobs which appear to be in limbo. I have contacted ILG and spoken to Richard Hammond this morning but he hasn't called me back. 

    Can someone please respond ASAP as to what is actually happening!!!

  • N/A

    Hi Rob, 

    I have been in contact with support trying to get this resolved ASAP for you. I have just tried to call you back but didn't get through, please call 03332 400800 if you have more information to provide on this.  

    I will contact you as soon as i have an update or hopefully to inform you the issues has been resolved. 

    Sincerest apologies from Prontoforms for the inconvenience caused.



    Richard Hammond 

  • Glenn Breker

    Good day rob.


    The issue with submitting the dispatched forms was cause due to a issue on one of our servers.  

    This issue has be resolved this morning and all pending submissions should now be done, and all future ones fine as well.  

    The issue was only with dispatches prior to the maintenance, not with new dispatches.

    Thanks.  Glenn Breker - Prontoforms Support



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