Action Required: Maintain Your ProntoForms and integration

Action Required:  Maintain Your ProntoForms and integration

Due to updating their API, Prontoforms will need to be re-authenticated to after Sunday Dec. 8th in order for the direct connection data destinations to continue to work normally. 
If you are not using direct connection BOX.NET data destinations, you will not need to re-authenticate.


The following document will help with this if you are unsure what to do.


1)    Navigate to your  FormSpace


2)    Select the Data Destinations tab


3)    Looking at the “Type” of your data destinations, select a data destination. 
Note: you will need to do this procedure for each data destination with the type.


4)    In this example I will select Boxee with the type of



5)    Beside the name, click the down arrow to bring up the list of choices, and select update.




6)    You should see the Edit Box Data Destination screen as show below, click on the Box Delivery tab.


7)    You will need your username and password to proceed. 
Please ensure you have that information now.


8)    Please click on the clear button which will remove your email for  

The button should also change to a connect button. 
Please click the connect button now.


9)    You will be taken to the login page to authenticate to 
Please log in with your credentials.



10) The portal has replaced your name back into the data destination. 
Please click on the update button to finish the process for this data destination.



If you experience any problems , or have any questions please feel free to contact Support.


We can be reached by clicking the Support button on the ProntoForms Portal (, and select ProntoForms Help, in order to submit and issue to the Help Desk.

You can also submit a ticket directly, via email to or by calling +1-888-762-7472.

Thanks for using ProntoForms

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