Important Changes to ProntoForms Support for Apple iOS 5.x

In order to focus on providing the best possible user experience and up-to-date functionality for our users, the ProntoForms Mobile Forms solution is reducing the new feature and defect support for the Apple iOS 5.x operating system. 


 What is changing?  Can I still use ProntoForms on my iPad / iPhone / iPod?

 Existing users can continue to use the ProntoForms app without interruption or changes in functionality.  However, only devices with iOS version 6.x or higher will be able to download and install new versions from the App Store.   ProntoForms 6.0.2  for iOS (November 20, 2013) is the last release that will be compatible with iOS 5.x.


 Am I affected by this change?  Do I need to upgrade my iOS version?

 ONLY users running iOS 5.x are affected by this change.  To determine your OS version, open the Settings app on your iOS device, and tap the “General” and “About” items.  In the “About” panel, scroll down the “Version” field and take note of the version number.

 While you can continue to use ProntoForms with iOS 5, we strongly encourage users to upgrade their OS in order to gain full advantage of new features and improvements and security enhancements. 

Regrettably, Apple has not provided an upgrade path beyond iOS 5 for iPad 1 and iPod touch 3rd generation devices.  As such, new versions of the ProntoForms app will not be available for these devices.


 Why is this change happening?

 The release of iOS 7 by Apple has necessitated a number of significant updates to our mobile app.  In order to take full advantage of these improvements, and to continue to provide a high quality mobile app, we have made the decision to limit our support of older versions of the platform.  This will allow us to stay focused on providing the best possible features and user experience.


 Questions or concerns?  

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