Announcing a Faster and Easier ProntoForms Administration Portal

Announcing a Faster and Easier ProntoForms Administration Portal

We are very pleased to announce a set of new features and improvements to make administration of your ProntoForms solution faster and easier.

Easier Management of Forms and FormSpaces

We have re-organized the admin portal screens for displaying and editing your form configurations. There are now fewer pages and tabs to navigate, and they are much better organized. The pages have been re-organized to let you focus on the most important options for a form, and will guide you step-by-step through the process of building a solution that works for your business process.
When creating a new form, you now have the option to select from several simple templates to get you started.
Video: Navigating FormSpaces (2:10) 
Video: Viewing & Editing Form Details (2:37)
Documentation: Managing FormSpaces 
Documentation: Viewing & Editing Form Details

Interact with Your Forms Through the Form Configuration Diagram

The new form diagram helps to visualize your mobile form and how it connects to your business systems and to your users. More than just a visual, the diagram reveals important details of the data sources, sketch images, user groups, and data destinations that come together to mobilize your business process in a ProntoForm. Roll over the objects on the diagram for a quick view of the details, and click the action links to make changes quickly and easily.
Video: Form Diagrams (1:47)
Documentation: The Form Configuration Diagram

Simpler Management of Cloud and Enterprise Connections

The way ProntoForms manages connections to cloud and enterprise systems has been improved. Create a connection to a service, and re-use that connection for multiple data destinations and dynamic data sources -- no more having to enter credentials multiple times. Administrators control if a connection can be shared across formspaces, or if it is limited to specific formspaces.
Finally, data destinations can now be optionally configured to "auto-link" to new forms. If there is a data destination that you use for all forms, enable this feature so that it automatically connects.
Video: Enterprise and Cloud Connections (4:44)
Documentation: Connections Overview

More Flexible CSV Data Exports, and Saved Filters

The meta data fields that are included in CSV exports are now configurable, allowing you to export only those that are meaningful to your business. We're also pleased that the form submission identifier ("data record ID") is now available as a meta data field in exports.
Form submission searches performed in the Data area of the portal can now be saved as a Data Record Filter. Saving a filter allows an admin to re-generate a filtered list of form submissions with a single click, rather than having to re-select the search parameters every time.
These features are available from both the web administration portal and the REST API.
Video: CSV Export Improvements (2:02)
Documentation: Data Record CSV Export Options
Documentation: Data Record Filters 

Improved Dashboard and Form-level Analytics Features

The new administrator dashboard gives greater control over high-level reports on form submissions by form and by user. Along with a new look, there are now more options to control the appearance of the charts, and more parameters available to narrow your analysis.
Form-level reporting, which provides insight into the answer data for a form, has been relocated to the Basic Analytics section of the portal. Form-level reports are now faster and easier to configure, with new features to allow easy selection of a form and of the specific questions to report on.
Video: Using the Dashboard (2:57)
Video: Using Basic Analytics (1:51)
Documentation: Configuring ProntoForms Dashboards 
Documentation: ProntoForms Basic Analytics

Easier Access to Documentation

In-context links to product documentation have been added throughout the administration portal. It is now much easier to find the information you need from, when and where you need it.

If you have any questions or issues on the new functionality, please Contact Support.

Do you have feedback on the new version? Let us know what you think by emailing

Thanks for using ProntoForms!

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