Avoiding memory issues with ProntoForms on iOS7.x

Some issues you experience with ProntoForms on IOS7.x devices such as stuck forms, might be caused by IOS7.x memory issues.

In order to minimize the chance of having issues, here are some best practices to try and have the maximum memory available to the ProntoForms application.   

-          Restart your device at least once a week.  By a restart we mean power it off for at least 5 mins then power it back on. 
           This clears all un-needed data from ram and gives a fresh start.

-          Do not Jailbreak your device.  The jailbreak takes additional memory, the tweaks take additional memory,
           and there are known memory leaks from many jailbroken apps.
           If your device is Jailbroken, you will have a CYDIA icon. 
           If you wish to restore your device to remove the jailbreak, there are articles on how to do this.

-          Background app refresh can cause issues.  It can be disabled at
           Settings > General > Background App Refresh

-          Reduce motion should be on:
           Settings > General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion

-          Spotlight Search to off:
           Settings > General > Spotlight Search

-           Dynamic Wall paper may use extra memory.  Using a Static wallpaper could save some.
            Settings > Wallpapers & Brightness and choose a non-dynamic one.

-          Auto-Update of apps to off as this consumes memory if there are updates. 
           Settings > Itunes & App Store > Automatic Downloads

-          Do not run multiple apps if you can avoid it.  The fewer running apps, the more memory available to ProntoForms. 
           To see what apps you have running or to close some, double click the home button.

-          Try to complete the form and send as soon as possible.  This reduces the risk of a stuck form to a minimum.



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