ProntoForms moving to SHA-2

Microsoft, Google and Mozilla have each announced new policies for CAs to deprecate the use of the SHA-1 algorithm in digital certificates in favor of SHA-2.  It should be strongly noted that the deprecation policies could result in significant negative impact to IT operations and end-user experience.

For this reason, ProntoForms will be moving to SHA-2 certificates for March 23,2015

Certificates for servers that devices connect to will be migrated March 22,2015 to allow time for users to upgrade the devices or OS.

Please consult the following link for Software and Hardware that Supports SHA-2.  If you are supported, there will be no user intervention required to use the new certificate.

Google is Hurrying the Web to Kill SHA-1.  Read here to find out why:

What is SHA-2? Why Should I Care?


If you have further questions regarding this, please contact your local IT department or contact ProntoForms Support.

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