Improvements: Data source filtering, multiselects with data sources, and image/sketch updates



ProntoForms has recently added new features and made several improvements to existing features in both the web portal and in the Android and iOS mobile apps. These changes include improvements to data source filtering functionality, enhancements to our most popular control types, and some other changes based on customer requests.  Read more on each of the changes below.  


Data Sources in Multiselect Questions

Data sources (spreadsheets of parts lists, materials, customers, employees, etc) can be uploaded to ProntoForms or hosted in other services for use in forms. Data sources can be used to populate lists in dropdown or radiobutton questions, which allow users to select a single answer from a list. 

Now, data sources can also be used by multiselect questions, which allow users to select multiple options at once. 

If a data source has less than ten values, the multiselect will show all options. If it is larger, the user can tap to view the full list. 

When options are selected, the first ten selected values are listed.  If more options are selected, users can tap to view the full list. 


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Data Source Filtering 

New options are available when setting up filtering in dropdown, radiobutton or multiselect questions that use a data source.

Match Type (Filtering Patterns)

This setting provides additional control over which values "match" the filter.  If the match criteria is set to "exact", the value in the data source must be identical to the filter string to be considered a match.  Other options are "contains," "starts with," and "ends with." 

For example, if a user selects "Region 1" in the form:

  • "Exact": The filtered question would only show values for "Region 1" -- NOT Region 12 or Region 100.
  • "Contains": The filtered question would show all values for Region 1, Region 12 and Region 100  -- as they all contain "Region 1."  


Filtered Column

This setting controls which data source column the filter will be based on.  For example, to show only "accounts" that belong to a particular rep, the column to filter would be the "rep" column.  

This setting was previously only available with question-based filtering.  It can now be used with all filter types.


Hide duplicate rows

This setting hides duplicate values in dropdown, radiobutton, and multiselect questions in mobile forms.   The actual content of the data source is not affected.  For example, if the user's name is listed in multiple rows in the data source, it will only appear in the dropdown list once.  

Read more about filtering data sources here.

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Attachment Control Improvements

Camera and Sketch Pad Control: Require a new photo to be taken

The image attachment control allows mobile users to attach photos to the form.  

A new optional setting on this type of question can be used to require users to take a new photo with their device's camera.  This disallows the attachment of photos that were taken at an earlier time and stored on the device.  

This is an excellent security and verification control; you can be certain that inspections and audits completed by users include valid photos from the time of inspection.  

This feature is available for the iOS app and the Android app.


Sketch Control: Allow multiple sketches

The sketch control allows mobile users to sketch new images, or sketch on existing images, in a form.

A new setting on this type of question can be used to allow multiple sketches in a single sketch control, up to ten images per question. The maximum number of sketches can be set when creating or editing a form. 

This feature is available for the iOS app and the Android app. 

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Other App Improvements

Confirm "Clear" action in text area questions

By popular request, a confirmation pop-up has been added to the iOS app when users select to "Clear" their answer in a text area.  This prevents users from accidentally deleting long answers.

This feature is coming soon to the Android app.



Support for the New Payfirma HQ App

ProntoForms has updated credit card processing controls for compatibility with the new Payfirma HQ app.  In the iOS and Android apps, a mobile form can be used to collect a credit card payment.  Read more about setting up a form to collect credit card information.

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