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ProntoForms has recently added new data and control types that make filling out forms faster and easier.  

It is now possible to use a mobile form to collect duration (a period of time represented in hours, minutes, and seconds).  The new duration data type and the existing date/time data type can now also be used as inputs to date/time math and some types of calculations.  These new features simplify the building of timesheets and other forms that require time to be calculated.

Additionally, we have added new mobile-friendly control types: button group, slider, and stepper.  These control types are specifically designed for use on a mobile touchscreen device.  Not only are they easier to use, but they are faster to use and also offer some data collection options not previously supported.

We have also made some updates to existing question types based on popular feature requests from our customers.   Read all about our new improvements and control and data types below, and learn how to add them to your forms.  


Note: New features are currently supported by iOS v.6.6.3 and Android v.5.1.0 and later.  Please download and install the most recent version of the ProntoForms mobile app for Android or iOS in order to be able to use these features in a mobile form. 


Mobile-Friendly Control Types


Watch the video below to see Button Group, Stepper, and Slider in action. 

 Note: Button Group, Slider, and Stepper are currently supported by iOS and Android devices. 

Button Group

Button Group allows users to choose an answer from between 2 to 5 options in button format.

  • The buttons can be custom color-coded, providing rich visual feedback to the user -- for example, if the option "fail" is colored red and "pass" is colored green. 
  • A conditional textbox can appear when certain answers are chosen.
  • Optionally collect hidden values conducting surveys.  For example, a number button question's display text can read "Excellent" while the value recorded is "10".  
  • As numeric answers can be used in calculations, this is useful for calculating average scores. 

Learn more about Button Group.



Stepper allows users to enter a number using  + buttons to add to or subtract from the current value.  The Stepper control makes it faster and easier to enter numbers like part quantities without needing to access the keyboard, making it a mobile-friendly data entry method. 

  • Answers collected with a stepper can be used in calculations. 

Learn more about Stepper.





Slider questions allow users to select a numeric answer on a set range. The Slider control makes it faster and easier to enter numbers like percentages or temperatures without needing to access the keyboard, making it a mobile-friendly data entry method.  

  • The slider can also be set up to allow users to indicate a range of values
  • Values collected with the slider can be used in calculations

Learn more about Slider. 




Time-Based Math



Duration is a period of time represented in hours, minutes or seconds.  Duration values can be used in calculations with other data types to build timesheets, calculate fees on-site, and more. 




Date/Time Math

Date/time math can be used to calculate dates and times. 




Question Improvements

 Search in Dropdowns

It is now possible to "search" dropdown, radiobutton, and multi-select questions whose options come from a data source.  Simply start typing an answer and the data source will be filtered to match the search term.  This has been a popular feature request from customers and will make data sources an even more powerful and usable form feature.

Read more about dropdowns, radiobuttons, and multiselects.



 Watch the video below to see the improvements in Multiselect and Dropdown questions. 


Attaching Files to Forms

The Attachment -- File control type has been updated on iOS to support any file type.

Read more about attaching files to forms.




Note: Duration Picker and Time-Based Math are currently supported by iOS and Android devices. Always ensure your ProntoForms app is updated to the latest version through your app store. 


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    Joseph Holt

    Wow you have been busy. This is really useful upgrades. Geat Job! 

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    X X

    The slider option is very useful! From unit to unit the amount of broken blind slats vary, I would have to clear out my data every time. Now all I have to do is just slide back and forth. Thanks!