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Google Apps for Work administrators can now install ProntoForms from the Google Apps Marketplace.  For organizations already using Google Apps, this offers a way to manage mobile forms entirely from a Google account.  This provides automatic integration with the Google Apps you already use, and allows easier management of your ProntoForms users, all while keeping you in the Google Apps environment you know and love.

Google Apps for Work is an offering from Google which provides enterprises a full suite of business applications like Google Drive and Google Sheets, and offers superior user management functionality.   Google Apps also offers access to 3rd party applications, like ProntoForms, through the Google Apps Marketplace.

Your mobile forms data all in Google Apps

ProntoForms offers complete integration with Google Drive and Google Sheets.

  • Store your customer lists, parts lists and more in your Google Account with Google Sheets data sources. Edit your spreadsheets right from Google Drive, and all of your data will automatically be pushed to mobile forms so users can access it in the field.
  • Automatically send your submitted forms to Google Drive (as PDF) and to Google Sheets.  With your data instantly stored in Google, it's easy to track everything in real time -- what jobs your mobile workers are doing, what customers need to be billed, and what critical issues in the field need to be addressed.


Complete access to ProntoForms from Google Drive

When you need to manage or make changes to forms, you can access them right from Google Drive.

  • Access your ProntoForms account from the 9square2.png icon in your Google account. 

  • Edit a mobile form from the form's icon in Google Drive. 
  • Create a new mobile form right from Google Drive.

Log into ProntoForms with your Google Credentials

With the ProntoForms app from the Google Apps Marketplace, managing user access to ProntoForms is a breeze.

Adding new users to ProntoForms

Google Apps for Work users in any organization that has been allowed access to ProntoForms can add themselves to their company's ProntoForms team. 

Sign in with Google

ProntoForms users can now sign in using their Google login -- whether they have a personal Google account, or are on a Google Apps for Work team.  No separate ProntoForms credentials are required -- meaning one less password to remember.

login with google.png


The "Login with Google" button is available in the ProntoForms web portal, the ProntoForms app for iOS v.6.8  or higher, or the ProntoForms app for Android v.5.3.0  or higher. 


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