Announcing: ProntoForms for iOS v 6.8.5 - Significant visual design and navigation improvements



An update to the ProntoForms app for iPhones and iPads will include significant visual design updates for improved user experience and usability.


Here's what to expect in iOS v. 6.8.5: 


Want to check it out before your users download the updated app?  

Let your team know how disable automatic updates from the app store on iOS.

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The Home Screen

You can access the Forms, Inbox, Sent/Outbox and Drafts screens from the home screen.  Red badges appear will appear when there are inbox, draft or outgoing items.

Forms, Drafts & Inbox 

Use the Forms, Drafts or Inbox screens to access forms that can be filled out.  Forms and Inbox access on the home screen can be enabled, disabled or reordered for your team.

Sent & Outgoing Forms

The Outbox and Sent listings have been combined.  If users are working offline, an Outgoing header will appear in the Sent screen to hold all forms that are waiting to be sent.  If the Sent screen is disabled, it will be replaced on the home screen by an Outbox.  

To return to the home screen from any of the listing screens, use the Back_Btuton.png button.


Reconcile & Settings

The "refresh button" on the bottom left of the screen is used to reconcile.  The ProntoForms App Settings are accessed by tapping the gear icon at the bottom right of the home screen. 


Custom Branding

Custom branding will be displayed at the top of the home page at a larger size in the updated app.  

For the iOS app, we recommend uploading a logo 1000 x 290 px (500 x 145 pt).  A smaller logo may look blurry in the new app.


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Using Forms

Navigation in the Form

To move between form pages, either swipe on the page, or use the up/down icons at the top right of the screen. 

To navigate to the page listing from the form, use the back arrow on the top left of the screen. 

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Page Listing

On the page listing screen, users can view the pages in the form.  The page listing is accessible by tapping the back arrow in any form.

  • When the index is enabled, the page listing shows all pages in the form and the user can skip ahead.
  • When the index is disabled, the page listing will only display pages already visited by the user. The user cannot skip ahead.

Read more about the Index page in a ProntoForm.


With Index Enabled With Index Disabled
2015-10-07_12.46.24.png 2015-10-07_12.44.43.png

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Close -- Delete or Save as Draft

The Close option on the page listing screen displays two options: 

  • Delete Draft, which will discard the form and all information entered in it.  This cannot be undone.
  • Save as Draft, which will save the form in its current state.  It can be accessed in the Drafts screen of the app.





View a summary of a form before submitting it using the "Summary" option.  This is useful for checking that all data has been entered correctly, or for showing a customer a view of all data entered before asking them to sign off.

The summary can be accessed by tapping Summary at the bottom of the page listing screen.  

Once in the summary page, users can download the form summary or share it for review before it is submitted using the review_a_summary_of_a_mobile_form...._5.png button.


Summary_Blown_Up.png summary_share.png


Sending Forms

The Send button is accessible through the page listing. 


Send submits the form to data destinations and the ProntoForms server.  Once a form is submitted, no changes can be made.  This cannot be undone. 


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    Danielle Morley

    iOS 6.8.5 has been released.  Please check the app store for the update!