Announcing: ProntoForms for iOS v 6.8.6 - 3D Touch, Keyboard Shortcuts, iPad Pro Support, and other improvements



An update to the ProntoForms app for iOS mobile devices allows users to take advantage of new features unveiled with iOS 9, iPhone 6S and 6S+, and with the iPad Pro.

Note: If you would like to test these features before your users have access, have your users disable automatic updates.


3D Touch Features 

Apple's 3D Touch is only available on iPhones 6S/6S+ with the iOS 9 operating system.

Available only on iPhones 6S/6S+ operating with iOS 9, 3D Touch gives users a whole new way to interact with their devices -- and their forms.

How It Works

On the iOS home screen, a deep press on the ProntoForms icon will show:

  • An option to reconcile and open the ProntoForms app
  • The latest inbox, draft, or active form, which the user can tap to open in the ProntoForms app

In the forms listing screen, a medium press on a form name will display the form index.  If a form has index disabled, the first page of the form will be displayed.  Press deeper, and the form will open for editing. 

In the Sent screen, a medium press on a record will display a peek at the completed form. Press deeper, and the record will open for viewing.


View Apple's tutorial on 3D touch.

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Spotlight Search

Search for forms from your homepage using your iOS search function and open without having to load the app first.

How It Works

Apple's Spotlight Search allows you to search the content of your phone using key words and phrases.

  • To access Spotlight Search on your iOS device, swipe right on the first page of your home screen, or pull down on any homescreen page.

Type in the name of the form you're searching for, and all forms matching the search will be listed on on your screen.  Tap on the desired form, and the ProntoForms app will open to the first page of a new form, or the last visited page of a draft.

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Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts are only available for devices running iOS 7 and higher. 

When using a bluetooth keyboard with an iPad or iPad Pro, interact with your forms using keyboard shortcuts.

How It Works

Hold command on your keyboard to view all available shortcuts for the screen you're on.  The following shortcuts are available for the ProntoForms app:

Available From Screen


Home screen  command - r
  shift-1 (shift-2, shift-3, shift-4)
  command - ,
Settings menu  command - w
Any screen  command - delete
Any screen with search  command - f
Form Index / Page Listing   command - i
Summary page  command - w
Any open form command - s
  command - r (right arrow)
  command - l (left arrow)
  command - w
Any open sent box item  command - w

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Additional Updates

For easier navigation, a Send option will now appear on the final page of forms. In Sketch, users are now able to draw arrows.
send_button.png arrow.png

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