Geo Controls and Location Services under iOS version 6

UPDATE (2012-10-02):  
Version 3.4.1 of the ProntoForms for iOS is now available in the AppStore.  The new version addresses the issues described below.


A problem has been found when using GeoLocation and Location Services in ProntoForms, on devices running Apple iOS 6.

Users that have new devices running iOS 6 or who have upgraded existing devices to iOS 6 may find that GeoLocation controls in ProntoForms do not function.

Due to a change in the implementation of Location Services in this version of iOS, ProntoForms may not be able to correctly integrate with Location Services. This has an effect on both Geo Stamp Controls and Geo Location Controls in ProntoForms.

If you have a new device running iOS 6 or you have upgraded to iOS 6 and ProntoForms has never been installed, both types of Geo Controls will fail to interact with Location Services and no location information will be passed to ProntoForms.

If you have an existing device, which had ProntoForms installed prior to upgrade to iOS 6, once iOS is upgraded you will find that Geo Controls do not collect Location information.

ProntoForms Support is aware of this issue and is working to release a solution within the shortest possible timeframe. Once a fix has been released, the ProntoForms version will be made available on the iStore.

At this time ProntoForms does not advise upgrade of existing devices to iOS 6, where ProntoForms has been previously configured to return Location information. We apologize for any inconvenience that this issue may cause.


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