UPDATED: Availability of ProntoForms Server and Administration Portal

9:00 EDT - October 23, 2013

The ProntoForms server and portal are restored to normal operations.  The issues began at approximately 13:30 EDT.  We were back online at approximately 15:00 EDT in a limited capacity, and performance was returning to normal by about 17:00 EDT.

Due to yesterday's issues, you may have seen a delay in the execution of your data destinations (e.g. notification emails), scheduled CSV exports, or other operations.  These should be resolved by 09:00 today.

If you are seeing any issues with your ProntoForms service, please contact ProntoForms Support.



13:35 EDT - October 22, 2012

We are currently experiencing issues with the ProntoForms Cloud Server which is affecting users ability to send forms from their mobile devices and affecting the availability of the administration portal.

We are actively working to address the issue and expect to be back online momentarily.

We apologize for the inconvenience.



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