ProntoForms Services Restored

At approximately 3:00 PM yesterday (Oct 30, 2012), ProntoForms re-enabled processing of all background and scheduled tasks related to ProntoForms. This includes the processing of all scheduled CSV Data Record Reports. We have been monitoring the condition of the servers since that time and are happy to report no apparent problems. At this time all functions and availability has been restored.


All ProntoForms Teams that have outstanding CSV Export Reports should now find that these have been delivered. If this is not the case, please open a ticket with ProntoForms Support (by email to: , the Support Web at: , or by phone to: 888-762-7472) and we will work to resolve these issues. Alternatively the Portal ( can be used to regenerate any reports that may still be outstanding.


Thanks for using ProntoForms, 

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