Error Message: Execution Failure: Processor 'Resolve Geo Addresses'

ProntoForms has recently begun to experience problems with the resolution of Latitude and Longitude values into physical Street Addresses. We are working on a solution for this situation and will update all trouble tickets as soon as we know more.

Users may see Error indications (red 'X's) in the Date Records Tab or may be receiving emails with the following text: 

 Error Message: Execution Failure: Processor 'Resolve Geo Addresses' failed to execute: Execution Failure: Error during Coordinates->Address Resolution: Over Geocoding Query limit....

All other Form processing should work fine during this period, including processing of Form data and execution of Data Destinations. As such the email warning messages which are received by the Problem Contact Email Addressee can be filtered out using a Mail Rule, if desired.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

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    Chris Nichols

    Is there not a way to collect longitude + latitude information instead of an address string of the location using geo location or some other data type?  I'd like to received via HTTP post the raw map coordinates, so that I can use that to display a map in the receiving data destination (hosted script + web page).



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    Huberto Garza

    Hi Chris,

    In your HTTP Post data destination, you can configure the parameters of your Geo Location data record expression so that it pulls specifically longitude and latitude coordinates.

    Please refer to


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    Chris Nichols

    That is fantastic news, Huberto.  Knew there had to be a way.  Best regards!