Issues with Version 5 of ProntoForms for iOS and the "Ditto" feature

The ProntoForms Support team would like to make you aware of an issue in our new iOS client (version 5.0), and how you can resolve it if you are affected.


Issue Description

- The problem only affects users who have the "Ditto" feature enabled.
- The app will crash after opening a new form with an index page, and tapping on a page.


How to Resolve the Issue

- Launch the ProntoForms app
- Tap the Settings (Gear) icon
- In the Settings page, tap "Advanced Settings" (in the Application Settings section)
- In the Advanced Settings page, change the "Use Ditto" setting to "OFF".  If you want to continue to use the Ditto feature, you can turn it immediately back to "ON".



- This problem occurs when the new version app tries to access "ditto" values that were saved by the old version (pre-upgrade version) of the app.
- By turning the Ditto setting off and back on again, the old values are deleted.  The next time you submit a form, the Ditto feature will function normally again.


We apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused.  If the steps outlined above do not resolve the issue, please contact ProntoForms Support at or 1-888-762-7472 for further assistance.


Best regards,

ProntoForms Support Team

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