RESOLVED: DropBox Data Destination Failures

The fix for this issue is being sent out to the severs and should be fully propagated in the next 30 mins.

No action is required to get the destinations to process, but it could take a day to full process all outstanding data records.

If you wish to re-execute the failed data destinations, they will update right away.

Again, as the fix is currently going out to the servers, please wait till after 12:45pm EST to attempt a manual re-execution of the data destinations.





There is an issue with DropBox data destinations that may cause them to fail.

We are currently looking into the issue and will be posting a status update when information is available.



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    Robert Oliver


    The symptoms aren't really as described above. Prontoforms is writing to the dropbox destination multiple times with the same job.

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    Glenn Breker

    Rob: Yes we do retry when there is an error.  In case there was a momentary loss of network or something.

    The retrys are us trying to get teh destination to process.  


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    Glenn Breker

    There is a fix going out shortly to address this issue.  Please watch this alert for details once it is live.  Thanks