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Congratulations! You've already...

  • Set up your account
  • Chosen your forms
  • Set up the integration options you'd like to use


Now, it's time to test your setup by collecting data in mobile forms and making your mobile forms... well, "mobile." out your forms! 

It's a good idea to test your mobile forms before deploying them to your team. To do this, submit some forms from the mobile app.

Some things to evaluate:

  • Does the flow of the form fit with how my field team operates?
  • Is it clear to users how to use the form?  Do I need to add instructions or question help?
  • Am I saving my team as much data entry as possible by auto-populating answers?
  • Is there additional information I could be collecting (photos, GPS, sketches) that my paper form didn't have?

For some great input into how your forms could be made more usable and efficient, include some field/mobile users in your testing. These people will be filling out mobile forms in their daily work, so they might be able to tell you what works -- and what doesn't -- in the field. 

Learn more (and watch the video) about submitting forms


Step the results

After submitting a few forms, review the submissions to make sure your forms are collecting the right data in the right format.  There are a few places you can access your submitted forms. 

In the mobile app

View forms that you have submitted without leaving the mobile app using the Sent tab.  Download forms as PDF, Word, or HTML.


In the web portal

View your data in the "Data and Analytics" tab in the web portal. 

  • View and download individual form submissions
  • Set up automatic email delivery of daily or weekly reports 
  • Set up configurable dashboards to report on submitted data

Learn more about your options in the data tab and exporting data as CSV.


In your data destinations

If you have data destinations set up, check that your form submissions arrive at their intended location.  This should happen within a minute or two of submitting a form.  

This is a good time to evaluate the naming of files sent to your data destinations, and the folder structure they are organized in (if applicable).  

Learn more about data destinations. 




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