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In many cases, starting with a blank form just doesn’t make sense.  You know in advance who should be filling out the form, and you know some of the data that belongs there.  Dispatching allows an administrator to choose which mobile user should fill out a form, and to provide important information on the task.  

For example, you can direct a technician to a customer location, with instructions on the work to be done there.  This can help mobile workers arrive prepared for their next site visit, allowing them to get right to the central task at hand.

There are four ways of dispatching forms to users:

The first two options will be covered here.


Watch the video below to learn how to dispatch forms to a user.

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Dispatch with the Web Portal

We make it quick and easy to dispatch forms to users with the portal's user-friendly dispatch interface.  

  1. After navigating to the desired form, press the "Dispatch" button beside the form name.



    Note: if this button is not available, turn on dispatching for this form first.  

    1. Press the "Edit Form" button.
    2. Enter the Settings tab.
    3. Select Allow form to be dispatched to mobile users.
    4. Choose either: Form can be dispatched to app inbox only or Form can be dispatched OR started by user from the Forms tab. 

     Read here for a how-to on setting up a form for dispatching.


  2. First, select a user to dispatch to.


  3. Fill out any fields you want pre-filled for the user.  Leave all other fields blank.



  4. Press the "Dispatch" button at the bottom of the screen.


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Bulk Dispatch with a CSV File

Need to dispatch multiple forms to multiple users?  Our CSV template allows you to do this with a single upload.

  1. At the top of the dispatching screen of the desired form, select "Bulk Dispatch."



  2. Click the link to download the dispatch template.



  3. Do not alter any of the text in the template.  Enter the data to dispatch, and the user to dispatch to, in the appropriate columns.  Each row is a new dispatched form.
    Note: You will require the users' ID numbers. Learn how to find user IDs here



  4. Upload the updated file with the "Choose File" button.


  5. Press the "Dispatch" button at the bottom of the screen.


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