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A data destination controls where your data is sent when you submit a form.  Although the web portal holds your form submissions for 365 days, it's a good idea to connect a data destination to your forms to automatically back up your data in another location.

Data destinations can send your data to:

  • Cloud Storage Services:  Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, Sharefile, Amazon S3, and more.
  • Enterprise Services: Salesforce, Sharepoint, and more.
  • Your back office:  FTP/SFTP, HTTP
  • Notification Services: through social media (Twitter), Email, or SMS (text).


View the video below to learn how to set up a Box Data Destination.

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Create a Data Destination

Our users often connect their forms to cloud storage services.  These are the steps for setting up a Box data destination.  The instructions also apply to many other data destination types. 

  1. Mouse over the Manage Forms tab and select "Data Destinations."


  2. Press the "Create Data Destination" button.


  3. Select the Box Data Destination.  


  4. In the Destination Basics tab:

    • Give the data destination a unique name.
    • Select "Auto-Link" to connect all new forms to this destination.


  5. Connect to Box in the Connection tab.

    • Name the connection.
    • Press the connectbutton.png button. 


  6. Allow access to your Box account. 


  7. Press the Create button.


  8. Next, connect the destination to a form and a document.

    Note: By default, forms submissions are sorted into folders named after the form.  You can customize this.  Read about these settings here.

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Connect the Destination to a Form

Connect the destination to a form so that it can send data from from submissions.

  1. Navigate to the form, and press the "Edit Form" button.


  2. Enter the Destinations tab.


  3. Click "Add" to connect a data destination.


  4. Choose the destination to attach to the form.


  5. Select documents for the destination to send. Multiple documents can be sent by the same destination.


  6. Save and deploy the form. 


  7. Submit the form from your mobile device.  Within a few moments (once the data processes) it will appear in your Box account.

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