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A data source (usually a CSV file) is used to provide a list of options in dropdown or radiobutton questions in forms.  The pre-made forms loaded to new accounts all use at least one data source. This article will show how to update an existing data source to include your custom data.

While this article discusses editing a manual upload data source, other data source types are available that allow you to host your data remotely in the cloud or enterprise service of your choice.  Read more about data sources here.


Watch the video below to learn how to customize a data source with your own data.

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Identify questions that are using a data source

You may want to check what questions use the data source before updating it.

  1. Navigate to the desired form and enter the Form Diagram tab.


  2. Mouse over the data source in the Data Sources column of the diagram.


  3. Scroll down to "Referencing Questions" in the pop-up window.  These are the questions in the form that use the data source.

    • Question Label: the label of the question using the data source
    • Question Text: the text of the question using the data source
    • Display column: the column of the data source that provides the list of options


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Customize a Data Source

  1. From the Form Diagram, click on the icon of the desired data source.


  2. Mouse over the dropdown beside the data source name and press Download as CSV or Download as Excel.


  3. The file will download.  For easy viewing, open the file in Excel or another spreadsheet program.  

    • If the file doesn't open in a spreadsheet program automatically, click "Show in Folder."  Then, right click on the file, select "Open with" and choose the program.


  4. The top row is the header.  Leave this row as-is, and add your own data in the rows below it.  Save the file.


  5. On the data source page in the web portal, press Upload New Data.


  6. Select Choose File button. Open the file and press Update.  Leave other settings as-is.


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