Review your Data on the Portal

Getting Started

  1. Download the Mobile App
  2. Submit a Form
  3. Review Your Data on the Portal
  4. Connect a Data Destination
  5. Dispatch Forms to a User
  6. Upload your Logo
  7. Customize a Data Source
  8. Build a Custom Form
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Form Submissions can be viewed in the web portal and downloaded in a variety of formats.  

Watch the video below to see how to view your data in the web portal.

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View Form Submissions

1. Mouse over the Data & Analytics tab and select "Data" from the dropdown menu.



2. By default, this screen shows a list of all forms submitted in the last 45 days.  Control what is shown  (limit by Form, FormSpace, User, etc.) by using the Search Options.



3. Click on the reference number of a form submission to view details.


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Download a Submission as a PDF

1. Navigate to an individual form submission.

  • Mouse over the dropdown beside the reference number.  
  • Select a file format to download the data in.  



2. The document will start to download immediately.  Open the file to view it.  Note that the appearance of this document can be customized, and your own branding can be added.


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Download Multiple Submissions as CSV

1. On the Data Records screen, press the CSV export button: csvexport.png

Note: All records shown on this screen will be included in the CSV.  Use the Search Options to control what is included.



2. In the Export Options pop-up, choose a delivery option -- Download Now or Receive an Email.

Other options are available, but these can typically left at the default settings.



3. The file will download or be emailed to you when it is ready.  You can also set up a schedule to automatically export your data.  Read here for more information on scheduling email delivery on CSV exports.

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