Download the Mobile Application

Getting Started

  1. Download the Mobile App
  2. Submit a Form
  3. Review Your Data on the Portal
  4. Connect a Data Destination
  5. Dispatch Forms to a User
  6. Upload your Logo
  7. Customize a Data Source
  8. Build a Custom Form
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In just a few moments, you can install the AT&T Mobile Forms app and begin filling out mobile forms.

Note: Each app store requires you have an account (Apple ID, Google account) to download apps.  If you don't have an account set up on your device, you may be prompted to create one before you can download the application.


Watch the video below to learn how to install the app.

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Download the iPhone/iPad App 

 Download the AT&T Mobile Forms app in the App Store

Enter the App Store.

Search for Mobile Forms for Business.

Click the Download button. Click the Open button.
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Download the Android App

 Download the AT&T Mobile Forms app in the Play Store.  

Enter the Play Store. Search for AT&T Mobile Forms. Click the Install button. Click the Open button.
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Download the Windows 10 App

Download the ProntoForms app in the Windows Store. For more information, please read Installing ProntoForms for Windows 10.

Enter the Windows Store Search for ProntoForms Select the Install button Select the Launch button
windows_store_icon100px.png 2017-03-01-Windowsearchbar100px.png 2017-03-01-WindowsInstallButton.png 2017-03-01-windowslaunchbutton.png
2017-03-01-Windows10StartMenu.png 2017-03-06-Win10ATT.png 2017-03-06-Win10ATT2.png 2017-03-06-Win10ATT3.png

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Log In

  1. Launch the app from the home screen of your mobile device.
  2. Enter your username/password. These credentials are the same as what you use to log into the web portal.

    If you don't have a AT&T Mobile Forms account, contact us at or by calling +1.844.805.0620.

  3. A number of sample forms related to your industry will be available in your Forms screen.

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